Maintaining Fitness Goals During the Holidays

For many, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of one of the most challenging periods for the effective management of food consumption. The holiday is the starting block from which we all dive into a month long struggle against many food and drink temptations. Don't let this Thanksgiving start you on a decline in your commitment to healthy eating, regular exercise and sensible prioritizing. With a little careful planning you can get through Thanksgiving and the Holiday season without gaining any weight and still enjoy the delicious, seasonal fare. First of all be sure you are armed with knowledge about the food you are eating and the exercise you are choosing. You must burn 3,500 calories mo

Overcoming the Boredom of Exercise

Most of us fall into an exercise rut at some point and find ourselves just plain bored with exercise. We attend the same class at the gym, we walk the same route through our neighborhood or we perform the same sequence of weights every time that we work out. Routine can be a good thing in that it gets us to commit to a regular plan of exercise, but when boredom strikes we can lose interest in working out and give up completely. It is important to change your routine and try different exercises for both physical as well as mental reasons. When you continue to do the same moves all of the time your body gets used to the routine and no longer works as hard as it did when you initially began t

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